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4th Sept. 2024

09:30 - 17:30

St John's College, Cambridge

2024 Optic Neuropathies

Training Day

The assembled Faculty brought together an impressive line up of experts who guided attendees through one of most dynamic specialities of ophthalmology, with plenty of "clinical pearls" for day-to-day practice and a review of the latest hot topics in the field. 


Delivering a day of fascinating presentations, intriguing case studies and insightful Q&A sessions!!


Optic Neuropathies Training Day 2024

Hosted by:

Prof Patrick Yu Wai Man, Cambridge, UK and

Miss Brinda Muthusamy, Cambridge, UK

Patrick Mann.png

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Joyce Liao, Stanford, USA and Neil Miller, Baltimore, USA

Optic Faulty 2022.jpg

Left to right: Tilak Das, Brinda Muthusamy, Fion Bremner, Patrick Yu Wai Man, Nancy Newman, Valérie Biousse, Benson Chen, Anthony Robson, Nicholas Cunniffe

2022 Optic Neuropathies Training Day

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